Kapiolani Medical Center 

for Women and Children



4th Floor Patient Rooms Renovation

Project List:

4th Floor Patient Rooms Renovation

Women's Center Renovation

X-Ray #3 Replacement

First Floor Corridor and Waiting Areas

MRI Privacy Project

Rad / Fluoro Equipment Replacement

2nd Floor Patient Room and Common Areas Upgrade

Inpatient Pharmacy Renovation

MRI UPS Installation

Family Birth Center

Hawaii Women's Healthcare Office Expansion

EPIC Training Room at the Maintenance Building

SPD Dishwasher Replacement

8th Floor Suite Finish Upgrade

EPIC Training Room at Bingham Building

Fetal Diagnostic Center

Replace Automatic Transfer Switches 4, 5, and 6

New Common Areas

Administration Area Re-carpeting and Admitting Area Renovation

NICU Medical Supply Storage Room

Renovation to the OR and Recovery

2nd Floor Bingham Office Renovation

Level 3 LDRP Alteration

KMC Fit-VINL2680-HDR.jpg

Fitness Center