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David Akinaka, Ferraro Choi

David Akinaka, Ferraro Choi

david akinaka & joseph ferraro, ferraro choi & associates

“We’ve never had a problem with Constructors Hawaii. They’ve always come through. Very good. Very responsive. Very attentive. Great to work with.”


Hale takazawa, Architect

“Constructors Hawaii Inc. is awesome! Their team was strong in foreseeing any issues and creating solutions to those issues. Constructors Hawaii Inc. cares about their client and shows by the quality of workmanship and service that they provide.”

Pastor James Reid, President of Friendship Christian Schools

“When Friendship Baptist Church began planning for a new building, many of my pastor friends warned me of the nightmare that construction could become. They warned me that it would take longer than planned and cost more than expected. However, working with Colin Yoshiyama and Constructors Hawaii has been a rewarding experience. We have been treated with a professional and a helpful spirit from the very beginning to completion. They were willing to work with all parties involved from the bank to the people of the congregation. From on time delivery to helping us watch the bottom line, Constructors Hawaii was everything we needed. We have just recently moved into our new building in Ewa Beach, and we are enjoying it greatly. In the end, we finished ahead of schedule and on budget. Instead of a nightmare, Constructors Hawaii helped us to have a dream come true.”

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Scott Power, President of O’ahu cemetery and crematory

“Just wanted to send you a note to express our appreciation of the level of professionalism and care that Constructors provided to us during the construction of the new crematory building and grounds maintenance shop. These two buildings were not without their significant challenges! The way in which your team handled it all was in an exemplary manner with a very high quality of workmanship, solid communication and responsiveness on everyone’s part. We are indeed most grateful.”

Pastor Diane Martinson, St. Peter’s episcopal church

“Constructors Hawaii Inc. has our highest recommendation. Colin, Floyd, Donald, and Roy brought exceptional expertise and diligence to this job, but above and beyond that, we valued their honesty, good stewardship in looking out for the church’s costs, their patience with us as we chose colors and made some revisions, and the way they went above and beyond, anticipating a need or concern. If we noticed something, barely was it out of our mouths or put into an email before it was addressed. Plus, they finished the job well within schedule even though there were some unforeseen circumstances that caused us to anticipate an additional week of work. When we mention this, people say, whoever hears of a construction company getting a job done on time, much less early? Constructors Hawaii Inc. does—along with exceptional attention to detail, quality work, and great people with whom to work, too!”

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Roland Resurreccion, ricky murata, francis jusuf, hawaii pacific health

“Constructors Hawai‘i Inc’s ability to perform major coordination and construction feats, overcome unforeseen obstacles, and deliver healthcare projects on time and within budget made them the natural choice to do many tenant improvement works at Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children and Straub Clinic & Hospital.”