Central Pacific Bank, Kailua Branch

CPB Kailua-VINL1902.jpg

Client: Central Pacific Bank

Architect: Luersen Architects

Completion Year: 2016

Size: 3,600 square feet

Construction Cost: $1,953,000

CPB Kailua-VINL1899.jpg

Central Pacific Bank is the fourth tenant to take over this location in the heart of Kailua. At one point in time this location was the home of a gas station which meant there were large gas tanks underground.

CPB Kailua-VINL1983.jpg

The original plan called for the tanks to remain underground but once the realization came that it would interfere with the new building’s foundation, the tanks were then scheduled to be removed through the coordination of Central Pacific Bank and M. Nakai Repair Service Ltd. From there our crews over saw the filling of these new massive holes.

In order to ensure preservation of any found artifacts or bones, an archeologist was always on site during excavations. The archeologist did find bone fragments and thus created the two burial preserves, similar in look to others found around Kailua town. The preserve consisted of a rock wall and an ornamental fence to keep people from disturbing the area. Within the area are native plants and a pohaku (sacred stone).

Constructors Hawaii Inc was successfully able to preserve any historical findings and construct the new branch working collaboratively with Cultural Surveys Hawaii, Luersen Architects, and Central Pacific Bank. We have been fortunate to build other branches for Central Pacific Bank in Hilo, Kaneohe, and Ewa Beach.