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Constructors Hawaii Inc. specializes in efficient execution of complex building projects with personalized attention and the highest quality of workmanship. A local industry leader since 1972, our devoted team has consistently provided on-time excellence and value to our public and private sector clients.


Central Pacific Bank - Kailua

Central Pacific Bank - Kailua

Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace - Sanctuary

Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace - Sanctuary

Expertise and Tradition

Incorporated in 1972 by Albert Yoshiyama, we’ve built a talented team around unified goals, decades of successful projects, and a shared commitment to exceeding expectations. When we say we’re a family, we back it up with second generation employees in our leadership, engineering and field units. 

Skilled Coordination

We emphasize insightful planning and frequent communication with owners, designers, and subcontractors on all projects. Keeping key stakeholders aware and involved is our way of doing business.

Diverse Projects

Our broad track record covers all types of industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings, whether delivering new construction, renovation, or repair.  Typical project size has ranged from $10,000 to $20,000,000 or more.

Top-Quality Completion

We are especially proud of our ability to seamlessly plan, coordinate, and execute complicated projects under compressed schedules.  Our commitment to the owners and designers is to provide on-time, impressive buildings at competitive prices.


The Top 8 Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire a General Contractor in Hawaii

You’ve asked around, you’ve checked references, and now you have a short list of general contractors to choose from.  How do you narrow down that list to one?

Here are the top issues to ask about before you pay a penny:

1.    Bondable?  Ask prospective contractors to provide pricing for a bond and information on their bonding company.  Typically, a bond costs 1% of the contract price.  You won’t necessarily purchase the bond, but knowing that your contractor can secure a bond from a reputable bonding company helps to confirm the contractor’s financial stability.

2.    Well-Insured?  Request a sample certificate of insurance.  You want the policy to be issued by a reputable insurer with coverage limits adequate for your job.  Make sure you can be listed as additional insured, and run the certificate by your own insurance agent.

3.    Agreeable?  Confirm that the contractor is agreeable to using the AIA (American Institute of Architects) suite of contract documents, an industry-standard set that balances the interests of all parties.  Ask the contractor early on to raise any objections to contract language to avoid surprises later.  Because AIA documents are commonly regarded as fair, contractor-requested changes or objections to the standard form of agreement should raise a red flag.

4.    Payable?  Confirm that the contractor will follow the AIA pay request procedures.  Ensure the contractor’s agreement to a fair retention (10% is industry standard) and to your paying for work when it is completed with no down payment.  Payment for stored materials should be allowed only after you have inspected the materials and received written confirmation that that are being stored in an insured warehouse.

5.    Fully-Attentive?  Confirm that the contractor will provide full-time on-site supervision.  Don’t accept your project being overseen by a general superintendent who is responsible for multiple jobsites.   There should be one dedicated foreman for your project.

6.    Subcontractors?  Ask for a list of the subcontractors the contractor intends to use, and do some due diligence to research those companies on your own.  Subcontractors typically perform 60–80% of the work, and it just takes one bad sub to sink a job.  A contractor’s choice of subcontractor partners can signal whether quality really matters. 

7.    Project Manager?  In addition to the on-site foreman, there should be a project manager who handles the office issues.  Ask who will be your main point of contact in the office.  Watch out for having to deal with multiple departments. Your life as a project owner will be much easier with a designated primary point of contact.

8.    Design Assist?  Ask contractors if they include “design assist” services at no extra cost. Specifically, will they work directly with the architect to budget the project from the earliest stages of design through the final contract documents? The design assist process (versus the traditional low-bid approach) allows you as the owner to benefit from pricing transparency, cost-saving design alternatives, and elimination of most unpleasant budget surprises and expensive change orders. 

The success (or failure) of your commercial construction project will impact the future of your business for years to come.  Don’t be afraid to ask prospective contractors any question that’s important to you, because a contractor of choice will understand the importance of your investment and of earning your trust.


-- Colin Yoshiyama, President of Constructors Hawaii Inc.

He can be reached at 808.848.2455 or email Colin@ConstructorsHawaii.com.


Read what clients and architects have to say about us!

“We’ve never had a problem with Constructors Hawaii. They’ve always come through. Very good. Very responsive. Very attentive. Great to work with.”
— David Akinaka & Joseph Ferraro, Ferraro Choi & Associates
From 2006-2013 Bishop Museum undertook a comprehensive, multi-phased renovation of our historic, Hawaiian Hall gallery complex. We selected Constructors Hawaii Inc. to serve as the general contractors for the project, and they did a superb job. It was a very complex project with a large number of partners and a lot of custom work and detailing, but Constructors Hawaii handled everything masterfully. We couldn’t be more pleased with how the renovation turned out.
— David Kemble, Senior Exhibit Designer, Bishop Museum
When Friendship Baptist Church began planning for a new building, many of my pastor friends warned me of the nightmare that construction could become. They warned me that it would take longer than planned and cost more than expected. However, working with Colin Yoshiyama and Constructors Hawaii has been a rewarding experience. We have been treated with a professional and a helpful spirit from the very beginning to completion. They were willing to work with all parties involved from the bank to the people of the congregation. From on time delivery to helping us watch the bottom line, Constructors Hawaii was everything we needed. We have just recently moved into our new building in Ewa Beach, and we are enjoying it greatly. In the end, we finished ahead of schedule and on budget. Instead of a nightmare, Constructors Hawaii helped us to have a dream come true.
— Pastor James Reid, President of Friendship Christian Schools
Constructors Hawai‘i Inc’s ability to perform major coordination and construction feats, overcome unforeseen obstacles, and deliver healthcare projects on time and within budget made them the natural choice to do many TI works at Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children and Straub Clinic & Hospital.
— Roland Resurreccion, Ricky Murata, Francis Jusuf, Hawaii Pacific Health
Just wanted to send you a note to express our appreciation of the level of professionalism and care that Constructors provided to us during the construction of the new crematory building and grounds maintenance shop. These two buildings were not without their significant challenges! The way in which your team handled it all was in an exemplary manner with a very high quality of workmanship, solid communication and responsiveness on everyone’s part. We are indeed most grateful
— Scott Power, President of O'ahu Cemetery and Crematory
Constructors Hawaii Inc. has our highest recommendation. Colin, Floyd, Donald, and Roy brought exceptional expertise and diligence to this job, but above and beyond that, we valued their honesty, good stewardship in looking out for the church’s costs, their patience with us as we chose colors and made some revisions, and the way they went above and beyond, anticipating a need or concern. If we noticed something, barely was it out of our mouths or put into an email before it was addressed. Plus, they finished the job well within schedule even though there were some unforeseen circumstances that caused us to anticipate an additional week of work. When we mention this, people say, whoever hears of a construction company getting a job done on time, much less early? Constructors Hawaii Inc. does—along with exceptional attention to detail, quality work, and great people with whom to work, too!
— Pastor Diane Martinson, St. Peter's Episcopal Church
Constructors Hawaii Inc. is awesome! Their team was strong in foreseeing any issues and creating solutions to those issues. Constructors Hawaii Inc. cares about their client and shows by the quality of workmanship and service that they provide.
— Hale Takazawa, Architect

Read what clients and architects have to say about us!