Friendship Christian School Sanctuary

When Friendship Baptist Church began planning for a new building, many of my pastor friends warned me of the nightmare that construction could become. They warned me that it would take longer than planned and cost more than expected. However, working with Colin Yoshiyama and Constructors Hawaii has been a rewarding experience. We have been treated with a professional and a helpful spirit from the very beginning to completion. They were willing to work with all parties involved from the bank to the people of the congregation. From on time delivery to helping us watch the bottom line, Constructors Hawaii was everything we needed. We have just recently moved into our new building in Ewa Beach, and we are enjoying it greatly. In the end, we finished ahead of schedule and on budget. Instead of a nightmare, Constructors Hawaii helped us to have a dream come true.
— Pastor James Reid, President

Client: Friendship Christian Schools

Architect: Architectural Design Group Inc.

Completion Year: 2016

Size: 5,000 square feet

Construction Cost: $4,515,000

The construction of a new sanctuary for Friendship Christian Schools in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, was the result of a four year partnership between Constructors Hawaii Inc. (CHI) and Architectural Design Group Inc. During this time, CHI worked closely with the architect in a design-assist role to phase and value engineer the project to stay within the school’s budget. CHI also worked closely with financier First Hawaiian Bank.

A unique shape of the sanctuary posed a challenge toward designing the steel erection. 3-D modeling was utilized during the shop drawing phase to ensure that in the field all components would fit perfectly.

It was a rewarding experience for CHI to participate in building the school’s first large construction project, and the general contractor looks forward to being involved in future phases as the school expands its campus.