Goodwill - Ohana Career and Learning Center

Architect: Durrant-Media Five

Size: 30,000 Square Feet

Construction Cost: $11,200,000

Client: Goodwill Industries of Hawaii

Completion: April 2010

The Goodwill Ohana Career and Learning Center was completed in April of 2010 in consort with architects from Durrant-Media Five. The facility is home to a charter school, adult day care, and of course, the Goodwill Retail Store. The structure of the building is made of precast concrete. Constructors Hawaii Inc erected the precast concrete walls, double-tees, beams, and columns. The entire process was completed in just under a month.

The building was designed to have a loading dock in the back of the facility. The receiving area is comprised of a hardened concrete slab so employees are able to run forklifts. The retail area has a polished concrete slab. The exterior has fabric awnings over the windows and a rounded metal roofing providing shade over the main entrance of the facility. With their new Oahu Career and Learning Center, Goodwill can continue to pursue their mission of “helping people reach their full potential through education, skills, training and the power of work.”

Images and videos courtesy of Goodwill Industries of Hawaii