Lyon Arboretum Cottage C Replacement 


Client: University of Hawaii

Architect: Architects Pacific, Inc.

Completion Year: 2018

Size: 3,500 Square Feet

Construction Cost: $3,200,000


Constructors Hawaii Inc. (CHI) worked with Bowers + Kubota to build a state-of-the-art laboratory for Lyon Arboretum, University of Hawaii at Manoa. Located deep in Manoa Valley, the project required innovative methods of construction to tackle the frequent Manoa showers.

CHI employees thrive on a challenge, which on this project had them constructing a temporary roof over a portion of the project to keep the site relatively dry. Because of the laboratory setting, special care was required for the cabinetry. CHI worked with their cabinet supplier and applied a clear chemical resistive coating on all the cabinetry (with the assistance of a mainland company).

In April 2018, Constructors Hawaii Inc. completed construction of this new Hawaiian Micropropagation Laboratory, home of Lyon Arboretum’s, Hawaiian Rare Plant Program (HRPP). It is where scientist Nellie Sugii is able to conduct her research on rare Hawaiian plants. Her mission is part of the greater Lyon Arboretum vision to rescue and recover Hawaii’s most critically endangered plant species.

Constructor’s Hawaii Inc. is grateful to the University of Hawaii for the opportunity to support their mission and vision.

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