Sen Plex Campus - Home of Oahu Plumbing and Sheetmetal

Constructors Hawaii Inc. is awesome! Their team was strong in foreseeing any issues and creating solutions to those issues. Constructors Hawaii Inc. cares about their client and shows by the quality of workmanship and service that they provide.
— Hale Takazawa, Architect
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Client: Sen Plex Corporation

Architect: Hale Takazawa

Completion Year: 2018

Size: 33,000 square feet

Construction Cost: $2,000,000

In March 2018, Constructors Hawaii Inc. (CHI) completed a new office and warehouse for Oahu Plumbing and Sheetmetal (OPSM) in partnership with Hale Takazawa, Architect (HTA). A 33,000-square-foot warehouse was renovated to include offices, conference rooms, one-of-a-kind bathrooms, and was designed to overlook the sheet metal fabrication.

The project’s biggest challenge was a very tight schedule of two years from start to finish. OPSM needed to relocate to their new office by the end of March 2018. Design started in December 2016 and construction began in September 2017. Contractor and architect completed the project on time.

CHI and HTA worked closely to immediately address unforeseen issues, thus arriving at on-the-spot solutions to expedite the construction process while maintaining a safe work environment.

As planned, employees of OPSM moved into their renovated offices at the end of March. Throughout construction all parties had worked together to find solutions that would best benefit the Sen Plex Corporation by meeting its original deadline to relocate into a facility combining all its operations.

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