Pali Momi UCERA

Medical Office Renovation


Architect: Arthur Mori & Associates

Size: 4,500 Square Feet

Construction Cost: $1,500,000

Client: Pali Momi Medical Center

Completion: December 2017

A newly renovated entrance to the Pali Momi UCERA (University Clinical, Education and Research Associates) Medical Office designed by architect Arthur Mori & Associates features a bamboo design on glass panels and pendant light fixtures in an open lobby.


Constructors Hawaii Inc. (CHI) worked alongside the Pali Momi staff and architects to strategically coordinate and overcome several challenges. Since the level below UCERA was in use, CHI worked at night in order to minimize disruptions to its functions. After discovering obstructions in the ceiling at the lower level, the plumbing layout for UCERA required a change. Crews at Skippy’s Plumbing were recruited and successfully completed the plumbing changes while facilities below remained in use.

CHI completed the medical office renovation on time. The contractor’s previous Pali Momi projects included reconfiguration to the ground floor space, emergency department, addition of a new access ramp, CT replacement, gift shop, and renovations to the body holding area.